sea splash
Mediterranean sea surge


  • One of the first images I took after letting the camera sit there for many years. I had to wait for each surge of the waves to be high enough to top the breakwater. Life is mostly waiting for what we want. Sometimes we wait so long that we forget what we were waiting for. But when it comes, we recognize it instantly.

  • Winter beach Tel Aviv
    Mediterranean Beach at Tel Aviv. In the background is the old harbor.


  • I just happened to catch these chairs waiting for summer. Actually this was taken near sunset (winter), and by the many footprints in the sand we know that they had been sat in earlier in the day.
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    One Response to “Waiting”

    1. Dayna Says:

      And when we recognize the thing for which we waited, we have an opportunity to act on it or spend the rest of our lives wish we had…

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