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December 8, 2006

Eastern coast of Mediterranean at sunset

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Paddleball - Mediterranean sunset at Tel Aviv.
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part of Kaddish series of paintings

This is a painting from Tamara Deuel's new site with Massachusetts sculptor Ben Banville. It is one of over ten of her latest paintings. She is a child Holocaust survivor


  • “There is another reality perhaps stronger, intertwined. We step in and out of it in day and night dreams, in fantasy and in the creation process. It possesses many layers as does physical reality. These pages document part of that other reality.”
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  • Sometimes the greatest beauty is right in front of you when you catch it at the right moment.
  • This plant recovered from almost certain death a couple of year ago. Now she has been bumped into and is again tottering on the brink. This is put up to encourage her to continue.
  • Update April 24 2007
    Her leaves kept falling off at a time when they should not have. I was told that she was dead. Only one leaf remained and it was getting brown. I refused to believe it. One day I had the sudden feeling that I had to do something NOW. I replanted her and waited. Nothing. Three weeks later – a small single leaf appeared and then two. The single leaf which had been turning brown lost its brown spots.

    aah life

    reflections towards sunset


  • I can walk around for hours and not take a picture until something grabs me. This tree seemed to have more than a sun blocking relationship to its image

  • corner cafe north of the city - closed


  • This cafe closed after about five months of operation. I am constantly amazed at how fast things change. If they are not recorded in time, they disappear forever.
    That’s my reflection in the back.

  • North Tel Aviv Ballistrade on Mediterranean at sunset

    Evening is about the only time when I can get out to photograph, and so it rewards me by glorious scenes like this. It is a reminder that the sun will come up on the other side of the world tomorrow.


  • There is a guy about my age who cannot walk and is pushed in a wheelchair by a care giver. He comes here so that using this rail he can walk for some distance while holding on. Once, there was a children’s birthday party on the beach below with music and someone blowing up balloons and making toy animals. I had walked passed the spot when suddenly the two of them, in high spirits, passed me at high speed to get closer and enjoy the festivities.


  • I am reminded that my wife’s brother-in-law said that people stopped talking to him and only smiled at and talked to his care giver because he was in a wheelchair and was old. He said that it made him angry as though they were saying that he was no longer worth relating to. Shortly after that comment, he passed away.
  • שלום

    My Take On Everything

    We are here to gather things for the next voyage. It is like a collection trip. Collectibles: memories, experiences, imagery, imagination, fulfillment of the physical, mystical inner realms. A rock, a dog, another person – we are immersed in a sea of feelings, remembrances, associations – it is all one and infuses itself into the pattern which is Me – you and me – Us. We are the universe – an essential part which forms the totality. We make distinctions but it is all one. There is no here and after. It is all now – all here. Tamara is here as much as she is there in another existence. It is all boundless in time and space.

    About Art

    Self expression is the ultimate meaning. These expressions are us. This is where we connect with the world – it is our outer skin – You see my art, you see me but you see only the outside, I know the inside, the connections which gives each piece its meaning. I share these but only those who understand can see. We all have very selective audiences. Those who are with us, in us, part of us become the art which we have created. This is the meaning of existence – to objectify only to have it return in subjective form in terms of meaning, inner understanding, connections – people – all living forms – life.

    About Cooking
    What about my cooking is me? It is not the cooking. It is not the dishes. It is not the eating. It is not the photographing, or the publishing. It is the motivational force behind all these, the personal perception and energy which create each of these steps. It is spontaneity, it is invention, it is fulfillment, it is obligation, it is connection, it is talking to someone else for their enjoyment, understanding. It is creation – form, color, meanings. It is combining to form something new which never existed in exactly this way. It is fulfilling a universal need at this time, in this space, on this dimension which needed to be fulfilled. It had to be and it had to be this way.

    On Photography
    It is meaning. More than a picture onto the world, it is a connection with that world, it is part of that world. The idea that a photograph is actually a part of the energy of which it depicts. You touch a photograph and you touch the essence of it. It is as if your consciousness surrounds the objects in the picture, becomes one with them. You are drawn in and the two merge and become enriched.

    On Other Life Forms

    All is sacred. We are all the same. There is no difference except for form. One life is as precious as any other. To us, we look at the firmament of stars and it seems endless and infinitely far away. But each star has its own being, life pattern, meaning, part in the totality. We forget and objectify. Our loss – objectification. Watching an insect clean its antenna, an inch worm looking for the next leaf or waiting for the next breeze which will lift him to another plant, having a bird I had photographed several times from a distance, one day fly over to me and just stand there as I photographed her, the cat waiting patiently for a piece of food when all the others have been given scraps, the ants protecting a coffee spill from an insect who wanted in on the goodies, and finally decided it was better to walk away than fight. Would I have done, been any different? The same spirit infuses us all, the same intelligence, the same feelings, the same knowledge. The life force is one, in all of its varied forms.


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